Mission and Values

Ashreynu was formed for the purpose of being a kehilah kedosha (a sacred Jewish community), cultivating and enriching Jewish life through the lens of Jewish tradition, heritage, values, and wisdom, by creating and offering educational, cultural, and spiritual opportunities for Jews to elevate and enhance their daily and Jewish lives. 

Through learning, social and religious events, programming and activities, Ashreynu brings Jews to Jewish experiences and Jewish experiences to the Jewish people; and fosters the paths, as well as the joy and good fortune (“Ashreynu”), of Jewish life and living.

Ashreynu is a makom – a sacred place – purposed to be filled with Torah, music, camaraderie, and spiritual nourishment; a space of contentment, dedication, and creativity in all things Jewish, and deep appreciation for Judaism and the blessing of being Jewish. 

Ashreynu seeks to embody – and to nurture, teach, embrace, and live — the Jewish values of k’dusha (holiness), yirat shamayim (awe of Heaven), midot tovot (good values), tz’daka (righteous giving), talmud Torah (study, teaching, learning), t’fillah (prayer), mitzvot (fulfilling the obligations), Tziyonut (Zionism), ma’asim tovim (doing good deeds), and ahavat Yisra’eil (love of Israel — people, land, heritage, destiny).