Frequently Asked Questions

What do you teach?

So much! We teach Jewish history, culture, Hebrew, stories, Jewish practice, Torah, Israel, mesora, and mitzvot… just to name a few. We use project based learning to instill a deep understanding of Jewish community, history, and identity. Cultural and religious markers like holidays, calendar, ritual, Tanach, Hebrew language, Eretz Yisrael, and t’fillah (prayer) are taught through experiential and multidisciplinary approaches. Learn more about what we teach in each class, or read more about our specific curricular approach.

When does MASKIT start? What is the schedule?

Every year, MASKIT starts after the Yamim Nora’im (High Holidays). This year, our program will begin with a kickoff celebration on Simchat Torah, on October 18. Our Tot program will start earlier. If you need childcare options before then, let us know.

What About Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

We invite students above the age of 13 to celebrate their Bar or Bat Mitzvah with our community. We require at least two years of enrollment in MASKIT, which includes one year of additional preparation and study, in order to celebrate a Bar/Bat Mitzvah with Ashreynu. Involvement in community, connection with peers, comfort in our synagogue space, familiarity with the Rabbi & teaching team, and a solidified understanding of Jewish identity and heritage – including space for questioning –  takes the pressure off the teens, who thrive with the support of community. We have celebrated Bar/Bat Mitzvah at many ages, allowing each teen to feel ready before approaching this public celebration of their entry into Jewish adulthood.

What is your COVID safety policy?

We are following guidelines from the State, City, and/or DOE, and specific information about rules and regulations for in the building participation will be made available upon registration, as the situation is rapidly changing. All teachers and on site staff, including our teen assistants, are fully vaccinated. 

What is your general safety policy?

Parents are required to provide a list of adults who have permission to pick up their child. 

All teachers are required to pass background checks, undergo Mandated Reporter Training from the NYS Office of Children and Family Services, and agree to our Code of Conduct outlining our policies on all interactions with children and teens, which can be made available upon request.

How much does MASKIT cost?

We’re offering a new Ashreynu/MASKIT payment structure, where tuition ranges from $18-$1200, depending on the program. We offer sibling discounts, and other registration/referral discounts. We also offer financial aid, and set our tuition prices as low as possible. Please see our tuition page for more.

Do you offer financial aid?

YES. Please see our tuition page for more information. No family will be turned away due to financial circumstance. 

Is there transportation? How can I manage logistics?

Bussing from local schools can be arranged, and an early drop-off option is available. Note that the bus is drop-off only, and evening pickup must be arranged. If you need assistance, please let us know.