In our founding year (5783/2022) we ask you to join in Ashreynu community membership when registering for MASKIT. 

The MASKIT program is a community service that functions as part of Ashreynu. Educating our children is a social, financial, and generational investment taken on by our entire community. Together, we are strengthening our roots and growing a kehila invested in Jewish communal life.

Ashreynu for Parents: Total Costs

Families generally pay about $200-$250/month in total, which includes Ashreynu membership and MASKIT:

Ashreynu membership is scaled to meet the diverse financial needs of our community. Most MASKIT families contribute $100-$150/month towards membership. Membership includes free entry into almost all our paid programs.

MASKIT tuition rates start at $100/month over 12 months ($1200/year) per student. Financial aid is available.

Ashreynu membership and tuition can be paid in a combined payment plan, divided over twelve months. You can calculate your total costs, including the membership level most appropriate for your family, here. You will have the option to add a financial aid request.

MASKIT Tuition Rates

Tot Shabbat: $500/year ($40/month over 12 months). Meets 2x monthly.

Elementary: $1200/year ($100/month over 12 months). Meets 6x monthly.

Middle (Nameir): $1200/year ($100/month over 12 months). Meets 6x monthly.

High School (Nesher): $18/month. Meets 1-2x monthly.

Calculate your total and create a recurring invoice here.


First Year Founder’s Discount: $108 off tuition. 

Sibling Discounts: $96 off per additional child.

Refer a friend: Get $54 off your total membership plan when you refer a friend and they complete their registration. 

What’s with these numbers? We use multiples of chai (18), as per Jewish tradition. Don’t worry; our tuition calculator will help you figure everything out.

Financial Aid

We have demonstrated our commitment to ensuring that every family can participate in MASKIT, regardless of financial circumstance. We have the dual value of paying our teachers a quality salary, and equalizing access to Jewish education in our community. For this reason, tuition is heavily subsidized by the Ashreynu community., but scholarships and further financial assistance are available. If you can’t afford the tuition rates as listed above, please reach out to us or indicate that in your registration form, and we will work with you to find the financial aid option best suited to your needs. If something changes for you during the year, please let us know, and we can revisit payment plans. 

How is Tuition Set?

The tuition is set at a level comparable to other local after school programs, and at a rate we think is manageable for our families. The tuition we are charging covers about one third of the MASKIT program per student, not including financial aid. All tuition goes towards offsetting the costs to run the MASKIT program, which includes:

  • Supporting and growing a committed and engaged team of teachers;
  • Cleaning;
  • Supplies;
  • Snacks;
  • Administrative support;
  • Special events programming;

and more!