Being a member means you value Jewish community spaces, and are willing to make a financial commitment to support its physical existence. Membership reflects your relationship with your Jewish community, and can look different ways for different people.

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We offer three ways to join Ashreynu:

Standard Membership: $150/month

If you’re looking for the traditional synagogue structure, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’re excited about Ashreynu and long for the traditional membership structure, we’ve got you covered. $1800/year ($150/month); free or reduced entry to all our events; supporting a Jewish community. Same price for everyone.

Builders (Sliding Scale) Membership: $40-$300/month

If you want a little more flexibility in your financial commitment, our Torah based sliding scale membership suggests amounts based on your ability to contribute. It starts as low as $40/month and goes up to $300/month. Find the contribution rate that works for you.

Supporters: $18-54/month

Not ready to be a member, but want to support what we do? Can’t commit too much, but want to start investing in Jewish community? We’ve created three monthly tiers to help target some specific costs we incur: Kiddush, Tarbut (Art), and Education, ranging from $18-$54/month.


In past times, synagogues articulated the perks of membership, responsive to the times. We have come to understand that existing as a Jewish community in your neighborhood is the best perk there can be.

When you want to access Jewish communal life, we are here. If you need a Rabbi, we are here. If you want to incorporate a new ritual into your home life but not sure how to start, we are here. When you want to educate your children, or celebrate a holiday, or mourn a loss, we are here. When you want to access Jewish community: Shabbat dinner, Jewish adventures around the city, connecting about shared experiences – we are here.

We have monthly membership meetings where we learn a new skill or Jewish idea, plan events and programs, and discuss Ashreynu topics. As members, there are opportunities to volunteer your time, sponsor a Kiddush, and participate for free or reduced costs in many of our events.

Jewish community is a shared endeavor. To create joyful events with drinks, food, music, and art; to hire and invest in excellent teachers; to retain dedicated clergy and staff; to afford space; to connect Jewish people to each other and draw out the best of local Jewish community – all this requires and thrives with partnership and love.